Top Tips for Selling Your Home - Part 2

Following on from Part 1, here is Part 2 of York Realty’s 12 best-selling ideas to help you sell easily and get the best possible price for your home.

Be realistic about the price. Quote the price you want not a misleading ‘bait’ price. Today’s buyers have easy access to information on the net and are more educated than ever about comparable sales in the area. If you price it correctly you may attract multiple offers and the best agent will know how to drive your price even higher. Multiple offers, using a private silent auction and not a public auction, will guarantee you get the highest price from each buyer.

Do your own market research. Check to see what other homes on the market are competing with yours. Know what you are up against. Buyers who see your home will see those homes too. Make sure your home competes favourably on price and presentation.

Target your marketing. Real estate agents often encourage you to spend thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing that may not be appropriate or necessary for your home. Big glossy advertisements do not result into getting better prices. Many real estate agents waste a lot of money on unnecessary advertising, mostly to promote themselves. Make sure you don’t give them your hard earned money to spend. Digital marketing is the best form of marketing. Today it is more important to list your property on the internet than any other form of print advertising.

Learn to love early buyers. High prices often come early. The problem with an early offer for some people is, if it happens too quickly they assume there will be more or better offers still to come. But usually, that is not the case. Good buyers are ready to buy when a fresh property first comes on the market and will act quickly and pay a premium price to secure it.

Insist on a guarantee. If you have a written guarantee and you are not receiving the service the agent promised you when you signed with them, you have the opportunity to terminate the agent’s authority without penalty. The best agents will guarantee their services.

Depersonalise. You may have many fond memories in your home but once you decide to sell try to depersonalise your emotional involvement with your property. Look at your property as a commodity on the market.

Written by Paul Kounnas

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Top Tips for Selling Your Home - Part 2