Top Tips for Selling Your Home - Part 1

Here are York Realty’s 12 best-selling ideas to help you sell easily and get the best possible price for your home.

We will present the 12 tips in two parts. Below are the first six tips and the other six will appear in the next edition.

De-clutter. Clear your property of anything that does not add to the aesthetic attraction or anything that isn’t essential to the functioning of each room.

Use Social Media If you have 100 friends and they each have 100 friends, imagine the reach you will have in getting the word out about your home through the power of networking.

Let your neighbours know that you are selling and they may want to choose their next neighbour. Good agents will let the neighbours know early in their campaign that your house is on the market because often your best buyers may not be actively looking, they may be neighbours that always admired your home or have family or friends that do.

Add extra sparkles to your home. First impressions are crucial.

The right appearance outside, followed by the right mood inside, gives you the best chance to get the highest price. Have your home presented in its finest light. The challenge is to make your home as attractive as possible without spending too much.

Choose and work with an agent you can trust and follow their advice.

Choosing the right agent is crucial if you want to get the highest price for your property with the least amount of stress. Buyers have a choice – your home or someone else’s. Your agent should be skilled in influencing buyers to inspect your property and to buy it in preference to other properties on the market. Base your choice of agent on their skill level, not on the price they quote you.

Access to inspect your property. Do not make it difficult for the agent to show your home to buyers, but just as importantly, do not let the agent talk you into restricted time frames for inspections like an open house for only half an hour a week.

Buyers who are ready to buy will see houses they can view at a time that suits their busy lifestyle and will buy before they even see yours. The best open house time is flexible inspection times to suit both buyers and sellers.

Written by Paul Kounnas

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Top Tips for Selling Your Home - Part 1