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Weekly Price Review

March 22, 2018


Price is a major factor in marketing a property and it is important that you and your agent get it right. Since all negotiation experts say that if you want to get the highest price you should start high and then come down until the right buyer is found, it stands to reason that price […]

Underquoting is a deceitful tactic

March 9, 2018


Underquoting is a tactic used by a number of agents to attract more people to the advertised property, making it look like there’s lots of interest. The large number of inquiries (from buyers in this intentionally misleading lower price bracket), can also be used as a conditioning tool by many agents to convince unrealistic vendors […]

The book most Real Estate Agents don't want you to read

February 28, 2018


FREE ! We are so confident in our service and expertise; we are offering a free copy to the first 50 home sellers that contact York Realty 130011YORK (1300119675) Learn how to win in the property market with best-selling author, Peter O’Malley’s new book Inside Real Estate Its the book most agents don’t want you to […]

Auctions and the three card trick

February 23, 2018


Public auction involves multiple bidders competing against each other to secure the one item – in this instance residential real estate. This is the simplistic theory of auctions. In order to get home owners to sign up to an auction, agents use the equivalent of the 3 card trick. They tell home sellers that auction […]

Digital Footprint - What you don't know but need to know

February 9, 2018


The internet has been a game changer for many industries, including real estate. Many of the developments have been largely positive for home buyers and sellers. Marketing costs have been driven down as the digital age proves to be far more cost-effective than print, the quality of promotion per property has improved and email has made […]


January 17, 2018


8 issues that will determine the year ahead Forecasting the performance of the property market in 2018 is anyone’s guess. Depending on what you believe, boom/ bust or somewhere in between, you are sure to find an analyst that agrees. The issue with making a forecast is one tends to be prone to confirmation bias. […]

Come On In!

January 12, 2018


We all know the saying that there is no second chance to make a first impression. This is most relevant when selling your house. You should do everything you can to make buyers feel at home, to create the atmosphere that implies Come on in! The inside atmosphere should be warm and appealing. One agent […]

Instant Reaction

December 21, 2017


How to get a rapid market response to your home  To put a property on the market takes effort. There is the effort in selecting the agent and marketing strategy, effort to prepare and present the property and then the effort to keep the presentation A1 throughout the campaign. It is demoralising when you go […]

How a Good Negotiator Should Work

December 5, 2017


I border on nagging when I advise home sellers to trust only the best negotiators they can find to sell their properties. Studying negotiation is something that most salespeople do not much bother with, as is evidenced by the number of real estate salespeople who have never read a book on the subject. The real […]

Price your property to move! Price it right, right from day one.

November 15, 2017


Did you know that you have a much better chance of selling your property quickly if you price it to meet the market in the first weeks of the market campaign? This strategy is much more successful than pricing it on the highest price and hoping that someone might pay that ‘premium’ price.  You should […]

Is this the one for me?

November 2, 2017


Knowing when to move on the right property Buying a home is one of the most important and largest financial decisions that you are likely to make. Getting it right will result in years of security and happiness from your home. As happy as the right purchase makes you, the wrong purchase can become a […]

The Toughest Offer to Accept

October 19, 2017


Contrary to what you may think, the toughest offer to accept is not the offer below your desired price. The hardest offer to accept (albeit begrudgingly) is the offer that is less than what you have previously rejected. In   the past 5 years, selling has been relatively easy. Pick a number and wait for buyers […]

The True Value of your Home

October 5, 2017


Selling your own home is one of life’s most emotional moments for most people. Emotions can replace logic. Calling in agents for advice on what your property is worth often creates more confusion. Most sellers do not realise that there are many factors that can contribute to the value of their property. The real estate […]

Spring - It really is “The Selling Season.”

September 21, 2017


With the arrival of Spring, the real estate market is set to blossom in a big way. Spring is traditionally referred to as “The Selling Season” and with very good reason. The arrival of the warmer weather heralds a marked increase in the number of buyers looking for that special property to enable them to […]

Who Pays the Advertising Costs?

September 8, 2017


The way typical real estate agents advertise is a waste of money. Make sure it is not your money. Many agents advertise to promote themselves, and not your property. In the past twenty years, real estate advertising has increased as much as twenty times. In most areas, the number of sales being made today is […]

Your Best Investment

August 25, 2017


What kind of property makes for a good investment? Well, that would depend on whether you are active or passive as an investor. Some don’t have the time or desire to do anything but buy a low maintenance property, authorise an agent to find a tenant and collect the rent. Such investors are relying on […]

What you’re really signing when listing with an auction agent!

August 8, 2017


A common mistake home sellers make when listing their home for sale with an agent is that they sign the agent’s authority without fully understanding what they are committing to. The auction authority in particular is the one that catches many home sellers out. Did you know that when you sign an auction authority you […]

Three things you need to know before purchasing an off-the-plan development as an investment property

July 24, 2017


Many investors gravitate towards purchasing off-the-plan developments due to the perceived benefit they offer. Off-the-plan developments are often marketed as an easy way to enter the property investment world and the glossy brochures can certainly make them look an attractive choice. Being new builds, investors can maximise depreciation and minimise maintenance costs, which assists with […]

Five mistakes to avoid when investing in property

July 12, 2017


Not doing your research When purchasing an investment property, it’s important to do your research about the location, local amenities, rental yields, vacancy rates and the property itself. While it may not always be possible, you should aim to know as much as you can about the neighbourhood you intend to invest in. Be wary […]

How to attract a good tenant and keep them

June 27, 2017


Good tenants make property investment a less stressful experience – they lead to reliable cash flow, a reduction in turnover rates, less wear and tear on the property and generally less work overall. But how do you find the perfect tenant? Once you find them, how do you keep? While there may be no magical […]