The Importance of Negotiating

The agent’s negotiating skill is essential to obtain the highest possible price for the home sellers he or she represents.

And just because agents have undergone real estate courses in order to receive their real estate qualifications, this does not mean that they have mastered the art of negotiation. Far from it.

Most real estate courses concentrate on ‘cover your derriere’ subjects such as risk management and property law. They do not teach negotiation to the degree where graduates can truly claim mastery.

Incredibly, almost unbelievably – most real estate salespeople have never studied negotiation. Research indicates that less than five per cent of real estate salespeople have read a book on negotiation. This is disgraceful.

Throughout the world, home sellers are losing millions of dollars due to their agent’s lack of skill in the crucial role of negotiation.

If an agent sells a property to a buyer for anything less than the buyer could have paid, would have paid or should have paid, the agent has not done the best for the client.

Agents do not deserve to be well paid unless they obtain the highest price possible, every time.

When agents sell a property and obtain the absolute maximum price, they have truly earned their fee.

When your time comes to sell, look for a real estate agent that is a highly skilled negotiator.

Such agents are the most sought after people in real estate, or they should be.


By Paul Kounnas

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The Importance of Negotiating